If you're not quite ready for a whole room design or just need an expert opinion on a specific problem, then this service is for you.  We regularly bridge the gap between architect’s drawings and a plan that fits your every need: room and furniture layouts, light placements, colour concepts, we cover it all!

Our 5 consultancy packages start from £195 for four hours.  If you need any additional hours it's £65 per hour.

Our consultancies are also ideal if you need a little extra time with your designer after your 2 week post-design support stage.

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1. Spatial and layout planning

We created this service for those building an extension, reconfiguring an existing space or building from scratch. Getting an experienced interior designer to look over your plans early is essential for maximising your space and getting the absolute best result from your investment. 

This service works very well combined with our design direction consultancy described below.

2. Design direction

If you're taking on the daunting task of designing a whole home or floor then this is the service for you! Getting a clear and cohesive design direction early can save you time and from making expensive mistakes. It will also give you the wow-factor you deserve.

3. Colour consultancy

Choosing between and endless sea of colour options can be extremely daunting (yes there really are that many variations of white!) Our colour consultancy is designed for anyone who needs help choosing a cohesive colour palette for their home. Whether you're looking for the confidence to go bold or need help with a tricky space - this is the service for you. 

4. Decorative lighting consultancy

Many consider lighting to be among the finishing touches of a design but in reality it's essential to get plan it out early. A carefully considered lighting scheme is crucial to the success of your new space. It can completely alter how functional it is and also how you feel in it.


5. Storage consultancy

 If you feel like you're constantly tripping over clutter in your home then you've come to the right place. Our designers are highly experienced at looking over a house layout and identifying clever storage solutions to make your life more organised and clutter free. 


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